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In these day unicorn company have disrupted the industry they belong to.

We think all start up founder is look forward to their idea to become the next unicorns.

So that’s why "Xeed" is born, we provide professional information technology solution to let idea from concept to reality.


What we love to do

Travelflan Marketplace

Travelfan marketplace is a ecommerce platform for selling travel product like ticket and local tours . Back with a powerful cms system user can easily manage content and price in the marketplace.

FWD Agency Development Planner

Providing a clear and comprehensive platform for both agent and FWD administrative user. Agent can access the platform easily and view program details at anywhere; login FWD internal system to register and enroll program at any time.

Shanghai K11

K11 ia a mixture of modern art and a shopping mall . So in this launch party we try to use this theme and make a grand ceremony . With many different style artists altogether . play together ,celebrate together .

Pokemon Go Map

As one of the Pokemon lovers, need a Pokemon map showing us where rare Pokemon locate and what Pokemon appear nearby. We combine technology of GPS, Google map and public game data to develop the most user-friendly Pokemon Go map in Hong Kong. Capture the wanted Pokemon,
run to there and Gotcha!

Agent Platform

Travelflan agent platform is a system to handle customer from chatbot with power of ai artificial intelligence assistant. It also provide big data analysis of chatbot users and custom the experience for each user

Ether Dungeon

Ether Dungeon: Age of Myth  is a revolutionary strategy RPG blockchain game in which players can train epic heroes, upgrade powerful equipments, and explore the depth of dungeons in the artificial blockchain world Pangaea Ultima!


What we provide


Creative + Web Development

-Ideation & Concepting
-Copy & Content Planning
-Video Production
-User Experience Design
-Web Design & Development
-Mobile & App Development


Data + Marketing Technology

- Data Strategy
- Database Builds
- Data Execution & Management
- Marketing Technology Consulting


Data + Marketing Technology

- Data Strategy
- Database Builds
- Data Execution & Management
- Marketing Technology Consulting


CRM + Loyalty

- Program Design & Management
- Platform Development
- Email Marketing
- Direct Mail
- Social Media CRM


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