Spend more on development less on design?

Spend more on development not on design?Actually lot of people would think spend more more money on development would get back with better result. But I can tell you that's wrong, UX designer worth his or her salt will take the time to create user personas that reveal common traits of your users. This process involves interviews, surveys, user testing and other activities to get actionable intelligence about who will eventually use your product. This information is then compiled into scenarios and storyboards that show the user’s journey through your site and what influences each decision the customer makes. Above thing can let stakeholder more easy to control their budget on development. UX designer can get everyone on same line to create a product fulfill the user need. So is worth or not I think you have an answer already.

UX designer

They works to discover how users will best interact with each feature included in your website or application, whether it’s the homepage, a form, a product page, drop-down menu, or search functionality. For larger projects, this can mean that the designer’s job becomes exponentially more involved in order to gather the necessary data for each element within the app or site.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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