Myth No 1. Doing UX in startups is easy

First of all, if you are looking for the “easy way”, you have probably chosen the wrong path with UX in the first place.

UX is never easy. And it doesn’t matter whether you are working with a bunch of young people from a dad’s garage or in the cubicle in a well-established office.

Even though the environment can play a huge role for you to be effective and productive, the outcome of your work is pretty much the same. You have to think of the same things — user research, interviews, and testing, marketing activities, user and marketing personas, usability, QA, UI… It doesn’t fade away once you’ve stepped on the startup soil.


Doing UX is equally difficult in any organization because it requires a certain type of mindset of a person who does this. As well as his or her ability to communicate the vision clearly and be able to stay calm and persistent in the work he or she does.

See? There’s nothing about special about the environment that would prevent you from doing your job.

Published on:

Monday, September 16, 2019

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