Using fancy words to bring people to a product is normal. Using the same words to keep them is not. When we browse a new website, we embark on a journey, and we definitely need guides. Just as we do on a real journey, we experience emotions with each tap, click, scroll, and swipe.

Good microcopy (a little piece of text on the interface) can help us navigate and do stuff on a website. It shows care and understanding about our feelings at every step of the user flow.

Here’s how Airbnb cares about its users:

Airbnb shows its users what sort of message the host expects to receive.

What should I write? — we wonder. Airbnb focuses on traveler’s concerns and doubts. The box explains that travelers don’t have to tell the story of their life, but rather say hello to the host. The purpose of this form is to seem friendly. It’s the result of good UX writing.

So what do UX writers actually do?

While the job of a copywriter is to write texts to attract new customers, UX writers deal with existing users. Put simply, a copywriter’s primary aim is to help users learn about the product and try it. UX writers make sure their experience with the product is a positive one.

Published on:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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