A/B testing

Also known as split testing, is a marketing experiment wherein you "split" your audience to test a number of variations of a campaign and determine which performs better. In other words, you can show version A of a piece of marketing content to one half of your audience, and version B to another.

How to do

To run an A/B test, you need to create two different versions of one piece of content, with changes to a single variable. Then, you'll show these two versions to two similarly sized audiences and analyze which one performed better over a specific period of time (long enough to make accurate conclusions about your results).

Suggestion Tools

AB Tasty is an A/B and multivariate testing software for boosting conversions on websites, responsive mobile sites, and applications which offers content personalization. It allows validating ideas to achieve organizational goals more efficiently and effectively. It empowers testing different ideas easily and quickly to figure out what works best. This process delivers enhanced user experience and ultimately better profitability.

VWO is very easy to use, especially with its WYSIWYG editor. They have something similar to Optimizely’s Stats Engine called Smart Stats, which is based on Bayesian decisions. VWO also offers heatmaps, clickmaps, personalization tools and on-page surveys.

Published on:

Thursday, September 12, 2019

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