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The subscription trend with the content revolution

Content is the valuable treasure, if you need to success in modern society. In those day even Netflix, Apple & Spotify is running subscription module to deliver their content. Our client aim to provide quality content to the user so we create the this app with a subscription flow.

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Subscription module

Learning with the right way

In present day knowledge appeared around us everyday. Everyone should constantly absorb new knowledge especially the different category of your career, explore the different type of knowledge increases your personal career value. Gogo Yuedu provide lots of category reading points break down from famous book. That's more quickly to let user absorb.

How we bring out the value of the business module?

Arrange the user interview & prepare questionnaire. Always the direct communication with the end-user is the best way to clarify your idea after the research we create persona also present to our client what's we found. Then we can start of wireframe & flow design.

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